Attending a trade show can be an excellent way to showcase and market your product. But, the shows can also be expensive so it is vitally important that you select the correct one that the business will benefit and ultimately get the best return from.

The right strategy must be implemented and if it is, then trade shows can be extremely beneficial as they are a great way to introduce a new product, as well getting your products and relevant information, support materials and press releases right into the hands that really matter. There is nothing more valuable than bringing your brands to life with the personable touch and engaging conversations and that is one major unique selling point of attending these shows.

At Gorilla Glue UK, we embrace this wholeheartedly and are always on the look out to attend trade shows. Only recently we unveiled several of our new products at the Totally DIY Totally Tools show in Coventry and the response made it all worthwhile with many avenues explored and deals done.

Trade shows can come with a considerable cost, so ensure it is the right one and that key players in the trade relevant to your offering will be attending. There would be nothing worse than investing time and effort into a show that has very little relevance to your industry. Check the exhibitor list too - is this event attracting brands akin to your brand size and stature, or is it a smaller affair where the return on your investment isn't as worthwhile.

They are also a fine way to make and build on new connections, remember there isn’t always a chance to meet with people and quite a lot of business will be done over emails or the phone, so use the trade show to put a face to a name and bring in new business as the people attending will have an interest in the industry.

Brand image is important for any business, if you fork out the money to attend the show, then ensure you have plenty of samples, relevant information but also a booth that stands out from the rest. You want potential customers to be drawn to your stand and know you are there and when they leave, they remember you for all the right reasons.

Shows are an excellent way to keep up with competitors in the industry and also increase your knowledge. Each trade show brings different experiences, make some time to look at different stalls and improve your overall knowledge of the industry.

Again, if you invest in a trade show then let people know, upload pictures from the events across social media platforms and use media, whether it be radio, television or newspapers to promote your business.

Finally, trade shows are usually hectic and require a lot of work, but the most important thing is to be prepared, have fun and stay motivated.

Nothing gives off a better impression than enthusiastic people wanting to do well for the business.

Simon Damp is managing director of Gorilla Glue Europe.