Wet weather – especially in winter – can be particularly harmful to outdoor wood because moisture impacts adversely on the dimensional and structural stability of timber.

Repeated swelling and drying – expansion and contraction – of wood means it will eventually warp and even crack; while damp wood is a perfect substrate for mould and algal growth, leading to discolouration and unsightly staining.

New silicone emulsion technologies make this a thing of the past, with timber protection and ‘wood winterisation’ now made easy, thanks to Roxil Wood Protection Cream from Safeguard Europe.

The cream forms part of the company’s Roxil landscaping protection range, which also includes Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner and Roxil Patio Cream.

The high-performance Roxil landscaping protection range from Safeguard Europe will protect outdoor wood, while maintaining its natural aesthetic, and will keep patios looking good and algae-free, for up to 10 years.

Having cleaned the timber, Roxil Wood Protection Cream is easily applied by either a brush or a roller brush.