UK: Plumb Center and Parts Center have announced the launch of Wise up to water treatment, a new initiative to raise more awareness about water treatment amongst installers.

The initiative, being run in partnership with Fernox, Sentinel, BWT and Scalemaster will take place in branches nationwide between September 19th and October 1st. Throughout the Wise up to water treatment fortnight the focus in branches will be to inform and educate about water treatment so that installers can confidently and competently communicate the benefits to their customers.

Key messages for the installer to pass on to the end user are that water treatment offers improved energy efficiency – saving energy and minimising fuel usage, it ensures warranty validation of a new boiler and it improves the longevity of the system and boiler.

In addition to the customer benefits, installers will be advised on the benefits water treatment can bring to their business: less time on-site with fewer call backs, annual servicing is easier and less labour intensive, improved professional reputation, the satisfaction of knowing the job has been done correctly and, where required, to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations plus it provides a great opportunity to increase margin and improve their bottom-line.

Keith Jones, managing director Plumb Center and Parts Center said: “Water treatment plays a vital role in improving the energy efficiency of domestic heating systems, offering great savings to consumers by both lowering their energy bills and extending the life of the system and the boiler. It is, therefore, very important that installers have the knowledge to positively and competently communicate all these benefits to their customers.

“As market leaders, we have an important part to play helping installers reach the level of competence demanded; there is a clear need for more information on the different water treatment options and their applications which is why we are launching Wise up to water Treatment.”

During the course of 'Wise up to water treatment' every branch will be visited by a technical expert from Fernox or Sentinel and BWT or Scalemaster who will spend half a day working with branch staff to share their expertise on the benefits of water treatment and its role in energy efficiency within domestic central heating systems.

They will also be on hand to talk to customers and answer questions. Installers will also be able to take advantage of a whole range of special offers throughout Wise up to water treatment. Details of these offers will be announced in due course.

Wise up to water treatment is the first initiative where the leading manufacturers of water treatment applications and a merchant have come together to support the installer.

Kelly Butler, director, Domestic Water Treatment Association said: “Wise up to water treatment is an excellent initiative that will deliver practical advice to installers in the right location and through the right people; merchant branch staff. Linking manufacturer expertise to the unique and valuable installer contact role of the merchant is a model that needs to become the norm across the entire industry.”