Wolseley is looking to meet customer demand for clearer and more consistent prices given the challenges that inflation and supply management bring.

Plumb Centre, part of the Wolseley Group, is committed to transparent and competitive pricing across an everyday range of products for the Plumbing and Heating trade professional. 

As a business, Plumb Centre recognises the uncertainty that recent economic conditions and cost volatility has created for many of their skilled trade customers. This is why Plumb Centre is committed to checking them regularly against the market on popular products to ensure they are transparent and competitive, and has introduced a new pricing model to assure this. The competitive pricing will also be available on the businesses market leading digital platform, Wolseley.co.uk. 

Plumb Centre is an established market leading specialist merchant, and it credits this to the fact that it has continued to evolve with and for its customers. 

More recently, customers are increasingly seeking clear and consistent pricing for the products they buy most often, so that they can provide a clear view of costs to their customers and ensure they continue to get value. To help with this, Plumb Centre successfully piloted in 2023 in Liverpool, Manchester, the West Midlands and North Wales to deepen the relationship that Plumb Centre has with its customers. 

“We know that time is money for our customers, this is why we are committed to competitive pricing on trade quality products online and in our vast network of branches. At Plumb Centre, we take immense pride in actively listening to what customers want from us and in the past couple of years, rising costs and economic pressures have made it harder for them to provide their end-customers with clarity and certainty surrounding pricing,” said John Hancock, Chief Operating Officer, Wolseley Group.  

“Our new pricing model, along with a number of other key initiatives we will land this year, helps to bring consistency and clarity to our customers that will allow them to trust the price without having to take time away from the job and their customer. Delivering this alongside the expertise and familiar faces of our colleagues at our trade counters every day is a step that we believe will eventually become common practice across our sector.”