Worcester, Bosch Group has once again come out on top in the Which? boiler report, having been awarded Which? Best Buys for the fourth year running across its complete Greenstar gas fired boiler range.

The manufacturer scored highest in both the reliability and customer satisfaction categories.

Kick-starting the heating season, Worcester continues to be the best gas boiler brand with the highest customer satisfaction score of 89%. The boilers also stand the best chance of remaining fault free, compared to the 12 other boiler brands surveyed, achieving a reliability score of 79%.

The customer score is calculated from the survey respondents overall satisfaction with their brand of boiler and the likelihood of whether they would recommend it to a friend. Reliability is based on the proportion of boilers up to six years old in the survey that have needed to be repair.

All 30 boilers in the manufacturer’s Greenstar gas-fired range have been awarded a Which? Best Buy accreditation and two in five (42%) who have bought a boiler in the last six years own one.

The summary of the report stated: “Worcester continues to be the best gas boiler brand. Its customers are the happiest of any brand’s customers in our survey, with a great customer score of 89%. Its boilers stand the best chance of remaining fault free, compared with the 12 rival gas boiler brands included in our survey.”

It continued: “Worcester is the only brand this year to meet our Best Buy benchmark.”

Worcester was also mentioned for its oil-fired boiler range. The Greenstar oil-fired range, which includes 28 different products, received a customer satisfaction score of 79%.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, said: “With the Which? Customer Score based on owner’s satisfaction and how likely they are to recommend the brand, we’re so pleased that this is the fifth year in succession in which no other manufacturer has scored higher on reliability.

“As we enter the heating season, homeowners with Worcester products know they have a reliable solution in place and the support mechanisms are there should they need them. It’s a time of year when the country relies on its heating systems more than ever so we’re pleased to be the face people can turn to for a failsafe solution.”

Mr Bridges added: “It’s not all about the products, as installers have played an influential role in helping us to achieve this award by maintaining installation best practice and thorough advice to homeowners.”