A new campaign is underway to challenge merchants to reduce their paper usage, with prizes worth £1000 up for grabs to any merchant participating.

In a survey by WorkMobile, 39% of companies admitted they did not have a paper-less policy for reducing paper usage – which has a huge impact not only on business costs but also on the environment.

To help combat this, WorkMobile set up a Paperless Challenge campaign to invite businesses in the worst performing sectors – construction, utilities and education - to undertake a one-month stint of being completely paper-free, to illustrate just how many efficiencies can be made through replacing paper in the workplace with digital versions.

WorkMobile is offering £500 worth of digital data capture products and £500 worth of expert consultancy to the businesses that agree to take part.

Colin Yates, Chief Support Officer of WorkMobile, said: “It’s shocking to see just how much paper waste some businesses are producing on a daily basis. Although some may see the transition to becoming paper-free as a giant task, our aim is to take the stress out of the process, providing a solution that helps companies save money, safeguard their assets and communicate effectively – all while reducing their ecological impact.

“We believe our Paperless Challenge will illustrate the many benefits of a paper-free office to those that will see the greatest impact.”