With a steady rise in air pollution in many major UK cities, retro fitting devices like Xpelair’s Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, Natural Air 180, is common to provide the home with the freshest air possible.

The Natural Air 180 has NOX filtration for optimised safety through to PIR sensor activity for enhanced efficiency and cold-climate pre-heating. Each unit can be customised with an extensive range of Xpelair add-ons and integrations in line with each user requirement.

The Natural Air 180 system features Xpelair’s Ghost Air Movement technology to deliver near-silent running, ideal when looking to minimise disruption to the family. It also boasts Xpelair's Intelligent Adaptiflow Sensing for Assured Installed Performance through constant volume technology, and an active humidistat, which will boost the unit when there is a rapid increase in humidity.

The system is a compact size of just 552mm x 609mm x 285mm and comes complete with a two-year warranty.