Yale urges merchants to make the most of summer sales opportunities with its ‘Operation Safe Summer’ trade initiative.

At the heart of ‘Operation Safe Summer’ is a major consumer marketing campaign, ‘Unlock Your Summer’. The campaign has been designed to drive demand for merchants’ customers by creating awareness of home security and the Yale brand.

‘Unlock Your Summer’ is supported by an ongoing programme of promotional activity in national and regional press, as well as on social media, encouraging homeowners to think about securing their homes before they hit the beaches.

“2014 is a World Cup year, so more people than ever will be out and about enjoying themselves and taking part in social activities,” reasoned David Herbert, head of marketing for Yale. “School holidays are also the prime time for homeowners going away, whether it’s a ‘staycation’ or further afield, and some homeowners will be leaving their properties unguarded and unsecured.

“This provides opportunistic thieves with the chance to ramp up their activity, with statistics showing a 10% increase in home burglaries and a 40% increase in outdoor thefts during the summer months.

“The spike in summer thefts, combined with an extensive marketing campaign, will fuel demand for installers’ services, in turn boosting merchants’ sales. ‘Operation Safe Summer’ provides merchants with the hook to maximise summer sales and helps create awareness of the Yale brand and products while keeping people’s homes safe and secure.”