The spring bank holiday is the perfect time for consumers to think about home improvement projects, but with This is Money statistics showing nearly £150 per household is spent on botched DIY jobs each year, it’s really time they called in the professionals.

According to a recent survey by Zurich Insurance, one in five homeowners have injured themselves while attempting DIY projects. The most common injury reported was hitting yourself with a hammer, followed by a cut hand or finger, electric shock, and falling off a ladder.

Thankfully statistics also show 40% of homeowners would rather pay a professional to carry out the work for them, rather than run the risk of dodgy DIY. With this in mind, Yale is sponsoring ‘National Home Security May Day’, an initiative designed to provide trade professionals with a campaign to drive demand for their services throughout May and beyond, which in turn will help merchants increase sales.

The campaign will highlight tips and solutions that will help keep consumers’ properties and possessions safe and secure in time for summer. Taking place on spring bank holiday (30 May), with a run-up throughout May, the campaign will focus on various aspects of home security considerations such as door and window locks, protecting outdoor valuables, and outlining the latest in smart home security.

Hannah Adkins, marketing executive at Yale, said: “National Home Security May Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of security as we enter the summer months. As the UK’s leading home security provider, it is our responsibility to supply guidance and products which will help keep the nation secure, while also supporting the industry and creating demand for trade professionals and subsequently merchants.”