h&b Group has appointed Paul Pamment as its Membership Development Director.

In his new role, Pamment is tasked with recruiting, developing, guiding, and assisting merchants into the h&b Development Group. One of his key focuses will be to improve communication channels between the merchants and the group and vice versa. Pamment is committed to ensuring that the comprehensive benefits of h&b membership are fully communicated and accessible to all merchant members.

Pamment brings a unique perspective to the table, with 30 years of industry experience spent working at both independent and national builders merchants, most recently at h&b member CT Baker. This experience gives him a unique insight into the buying group joining process from a merchant's point of view, ensuring a seamless transition for new members.

"Transparency and effective communication are the cornerstones of any successful partnership," Pamment explained. "I aim to ensure that our merchant members experience the full extent of the broad benefits that come with being part of the h&b Group as well as the great deals."