Storming ahead

Published:  13 January, 2010

LEAMINGTON SPA: When it comes to leading the way in customer service, BCG, a leading name in kitchens, bathrooms and heating, is storming ahead with its new Stock Availability Manager.

Known as SAM for short, this easy-to-use, automated phone stock enquiry service gives customers access to stock availability across BCG’s entire product range, day or night, 365 days a year, even when the customer contact centre is closed.

Until now BCG’s range of over 36,000 products could either be ordered over the Internet where customers can check real-time stock availability, or by phone speaking with an agent during contact centre opening hours.

However, not all customers have easy access to the Internet or they may want to check stock levels out of office hours in the evenings and at weekends and so, as part of BCG’s policy to continuously improve customer service, SAM has been launched.

The service, developed for BCG by SpeechStorm using their phone self-service technology, is an easy-to-use, intuitive speech driven service where the caller is asked to say the code number of the item they want to check and they are then advised the number currently in stock. There is no need to use the key pad as it is all done verbally, although customers can choose to key in the product code if they prefer. The caller is then given the option to check another item, order the item via the call centre or end the call.

With BCG’s contact centre currently receiving approximately 36,000 calls a month and about 20% of those being stock related, SAM will enable customers to get a real-time response to their stock enquiry without having to wait to speak to an agent. It will also free up contact centre staff to spend more time dealing with other customer queries and also enable them to take a more proactive approach with customers.

“By automating quick and simple stock enquires though the new service this is a real win-win situation for our customers,” said Simon Macklin, Customer Service Director at BCG. “They can get an immediate and real-time response to their stock enquiry, 24/7. There is no queuing for an agent or waiting for the contact centre to open and we can free up our contact centre staff to spend time actively contacting customers and helping with other enquiries.”

BCG will be trialling SAM throughout January, using customer feedback to make changes to the service if required. The service will be free to use via a 0800 number and once the trial is complete it will also be added as an option to BCG’s main telephone number.

Following the trial there is also the option to add other services such as placing an order and checking the delivery status of an order.

“We want to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible,” continued Simon. “SAM is an additional channel that complements the service we provide via our call centre - the easier we can make it for customers to access the products they need the better. Our aim is, and always will be, Excellence Through Service and Availability and SAM will help us to excel at both.”

To use SAM to check the availability of the stock you require dial 0800 014 1052 and follow the simple instructions. You will need to give the BCG product code for the item you wish to check which can be found in the latest copy of The List, available on the BCG website.

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