Workwear for warmer months ahead

on 25 May, 2017

The sun is out and people want to make the most out of the good weather. In terms of working during these warmer months, it is vitally important to ensure you are protected from what looks like a relatively safer season compared to the harsher winter.

Summer workwear should still be fit for purpose if on a job requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Scruffs breakdowns how you can be cool, comfortable, and well protected on the job during the summer months.

Shorts or trousers

Being comfortable also means being sensible. During warmer months, you need to ensure your body does not overheat, so wearing clothes made with a more breathable material such as cargo shorts are a more sensible option to beating summer heat. However, if you require a bit more protection while working, lightweight trousers could also be a better fit.

Single shirts or layers

Gone are the long winter days of coats and scarves. Summertime always means less layers. But if you’re working outdoors, you need to ensure that your tops keep you dry and cool. A lightweight, high-quality cotton shirt is one of the most breathable fabrics available. As a natural fibre, it absorbs moisture as opposed to repelling it, making for more comfortable experience.

Summer rain

In the UK, the summers tend to be accompanied by rain. It is worth investing in lightweight worker jackets to keep you dry and allow you to continue with your work. Look for jackets with breathable mesh lining, as well as waterproof coatings to stop you from getting soaked on the job.

Safety boots with style

Bulky winter boots are not comfortable when trying to beat the summer heat. A lighter, more breathable boot can still offer you as much protection and durability as a heavier winter style. Most importantly, lighter boots will still comply with the important safety boot ratings required to safely get the job done.

Protection against UV radiation

It is well known that UV rays are very harmful to human beings. More than 99% of those harmful rays are absorbed by the eyes. Having suitable eye protection while working in the sun is vital. So, when you’re considering your eyewear protection, pick lightweight and adjustable pieces that offer ample UV protection. For extra protection against the rays while you’re working, pick protective eyewear with a UV rating of 50+.

PPE during the summer months should be as comfortable as possible while not negating the need for maximum protection. These suggestions should help in achieving both with an added sense of style.

Asad Ali is digital marketing manager at Scruffs. 

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