Aggregate Industries contracting banksmen get bodycams in £20,000 plus investment

Published:  24 October, 2017

Aggregate Industries Contracting has invested over £20,000 in ensuring every banksman is equipped with a state-of-the-art bodycam.

In a forward-thinking move for the industry, small bodycams are now worn by all directly employed banksmen working within the division, strapped to their uniforms in a way that does not restrict movement but enables clear and concise footage of the ensuing surroundings.

The investment follows a health and safety performance improvement meeting within the wider Contracting team, where areas for improvement are analysed and discussed. Subsequently, the decision was made to kit all banksmen with cameras, so that they are able to record inductions, deliveries and any incidents, in a bid to improve health and safety standards.

The benefits are two-fold; the footage will be reviewed and best practice shared, with improvements made where required to increase visibility of health and safety, whilst helping to reduce and possibly mitigate any risks. In addition, the cameras are expected to assist us in monitoring customer care and deterring confrontation.

Commenting, Paddy Murphy, Managing Director of Contracting Services at Aggregate Industries said: “Here at Aggregate Industries Contracting, the safety of all our employees is paramount. In order for any site to operate effectively and for the community to be served efficiently, our employees must feel safe at all times. We have therefore invested extensively in ensuring all of our banksmen are equipped with bodycams; this is particularly important for those working late at night or on their own.

Whilst the vast majority of the public behave in a respectful manner and appreciate the work that our employees are doing, a small minority can overstep the mark, so these cameras, we hope, will help act as a deterrent.

In addition, the bodycams will provide invaluable information, in terms of showcasing issues which must be addressed and areas for improvement, so that we can continue to elevate safety and customer care standards.”

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