New Sentinel SESI launched

Published:  01 November, 2013

Sentinel is continuing to innovate by expanding its range of scale protection devices with the addition of the Sentinel SESI. The Sentinel SESI electrolytic scale inhibitor is now available from merchants across the country.

Limescale can build up on boiler heat exchangers, on valves and pipework and inside any appliances which heat the water flowing through them – washing machines and dish washers as well as kettles, steam irons, and the like. This impairs their efficiency, increasing energy bills and often leading to appliance breakdown and more regular maintenance.

The average life expectancy of a boiler heat exchanger is between 10 to 15 years but in hard-water areas this can dramatically decrease to a mere two to three years. If those involved in the construction or maintenance of properties in hard-water areas are knowledgeable about the problems limescale can cause, they can specify or fit a limescale prevention device to help protect against limescale build-up and optimise efficiency.

A low-maintenance and cost-effective option for protecting against the adverse effects of hard water is the installation of a physical water conditioner such as an electrolytic inhibitor. Rather than removing the hard minerals and softening the water, electrolytic inhibitors work by altering the physical properties of the minerals within the water, preventing the formation of hard scale. If you are looking to protect against the build up of limescale, it’s important to fit a device which is independently proven and which is recommended by the Compliance Guide to Part L1 of the UK Building Regulations.

The Sentinel SESI is one such device. It’s a cost-effective way to help ensure Part L1 compliance and protect a property against the damaging effects of limescale. It works by treating the hard water mineral salts as they flow through the system, preventing them from settling as a tough layer of limescale. It uses a natural electrolytic process, making it an environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive method of limescale protection. The life expectancy of the device is 10 years, during which time the device requires no maintenance, making it an attractive solution for those managing a large number of properties.

For more information about water hardness or how electrolytic devices work, visit Sentinel’s Help With Hard Water website. The site has a number of downloadable resources in addition to a ‘postcode checker’, which will inform you of local water hardness at any given area within the UK.

For information on the SESI and other Sentinel quality water treatment products, visit or call 01928 583280.

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