Keyline’s Annual Rally fundraiser began today, with 30 cars embarking on a journey to Calais to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Departing from Keyline’s HQ in Northampton, the teams will now drive against the clock through Monaco and finish in Calais on 1 July.

Celebrity builder and TV presenter Tommy Walsh attended, along with Watford Football Club legend Luther Blissett. The two spoke about the importance of the charity and of raising awareness of prostate cancer among men, and waved the cars off as they began the first leg of their journey.

Walsh said: “I’m thrilled to be supporting the Keyline Rally this year. My advice to men is make sure you speak to your doctor if you notice any changes. Men have a tendency to be reluctant to see a doctor but the disease moves quickly.

“My advice to the rally drivers is make sure you have a good insurance policy! Enjoy the event and remember what it’s for – to raise money and awareness.”

Blissett said: “This is my fourth year at the rally and I’m really looking forward to it – I’m hoping to be driving in a Maserati this year. Despite being an ex-footballer, I’m not feeling too competitive as this event is just about taking part and raising money. With one in eight men at risk of prostate cancer, the rally really helps send out a message that every man needs to hear.”

Keyline has been a charity partner with Prostate Cancer UK for nine years, and today announced they would continue the partnership for the next five years. Keyline has raised almost £1 million since partnering with the charity, and expects to hit that figure during this rally.

To celebrate that, this year’s race is themed the ‘Millionaires Rally’, with entrants dressing up as famous millionaires.

Waheeza Tegally-McNair, Marketing Manager at Keyline, said: “The partnership with Prostate Cancer UK is particularly important to us as builders’ merchants tend to be male-orientated. We have managed to raise so much awareness with our colleagues, staff and customers, and the money we raised goes towards research and also Prostate Cancer UK’s nursing schemes.

“I was on the winning team in last year’s rally – so we’re going for the second win this year!”