LONDON: B&Q is to launch a web site for the 12 500 product lines of its Tradepoint brand next year.

B&Q will expand the use of its data management system to make product information and imagery for the Tradepoint brand available to customers.

B&Q tradepoint marketing manager Trevor Culpin said that the system could be used for other parts of Kingfisher, like for British hardware mailorder company, Screwfix, to centralise data in different parts of the business.

"In the future, the system can be used for a lot of forms of communication, like mobile phone marketing messaging and digital signage for Tradepoint and B&Q. The central aim is to be more consistent in the way we deliver our marketing message."

A website is on the agenda for next year that will link up to the system to allow customers to search for products based on specific parameters, like power output and battery used.