Carvers, whose premises were destroyed by fire a year ago, will be fully rebuilt by the end of the year.

The 117-year-old family business said it hoped to complete two new main buildings by the end of June and a third before the start of 2014.

Carvers carried on by using temporary warehouses and employs about 200, roughly the same number as a year ago. Nobody was hurt in the blaze, which was tackled by up to 75 firefighters and swept through the Carvers site on 29 February 2012.

Co-owner and managing director Henry Carver praised the "huge dedication" of staff since the fire, which was caused by "a flue pie from a wood burning heater that was not correctly fitted.". He said: "The biggest single issue for us was we were profitable and we had a good workforce, so there was no reason why we couldn't build it up again... We've put a lifetime into the business."

Mr Carver said the cost of the damage was being entirely covered by insurers.