The Chief Executive at the Rainy Day Trust is losing the booze in January to raise money for his own charity and one that honours his late daughter.

The Rainy Day Trust supports the home improvement workforce and their families in times of need.

Bryan Clover (pictured left) said: “If you are sat there thinking ‘it won't happen to me’, then think again.

“It can and it does. It's not just redundancy or illness, it can be a whole world of things that knock us sideways.”

Clover is also raising money for Evie’s Gift, named after his daughter (pictured centre) who died aged 13 from a brain tumour.

The charity gives immediate financial assistance to parents whose children have been admitted to hospital with a life threatening or life limiting condition, and funds research into the rare brain cancer that Evie suffered from.

Clover’s Virgin Money Giving Page splits donations between both charities. He also urged members of the construction industry to give up something in January to raise money for a good cause themselves.

He said: “If you would like to do the same and raise some cash for one of the charities then I would be absolutely delighted.

“If you don't drink, or the prospect of not drinking on holiday is too appalling to contemplate, then maybe give up chocolate or cakes? Or fags, or anything else that you fancy for that matter!”