STOKE ON TRENT: Dunlop Adhesives is holding a trade morning on Thursday 24 June, to support Selco customers' use of Dunlop products.

Investing in training and support for merchants and their customers to ensure they fully understand Dunlop products, the specialist manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, finishing, and ancillary products is taking pride in this offering at a time when other suppliers are cutting back. Also offering free pens, T-shirts, beanie hats, and other novelty items, the main thing on the agenda is ensuring that Selco customers don't go home empty handed.

Mike Barber, branch manager at Selco, Leeds, said: "The trade morning will give Selco customers a chance to ask Dunlop any questions they have about their products so they are fully equipped to use them and see the best possible results for their customers at the best possible prices. I'm sure the morning will be a complete success. This is an example of how we work in partnership with suppliers to benefit our customers."