Jewson Partnership Solutions (JPS) has donated £10,000 towards the development of a brand new support centre for women in Scotland, due to open later this year.

The Connect Hub from Simon Community, based in Glasgow, will serve as a unique and groundbreaking facility for women at risk of experiencing homelessness, offering multi-agency services to improve their health, wellbeing and personal resilience.

Designed and delivered by a steering group of women with experiences of homelessness, it is the first of its kind in Scotland and will open its doors in the autumn. 

JPS – which is part of STARK Building Materials UK – has donated £10,000 towards the project and is coordinating a further £5,000 of donations from suppliers. Additionally, its team members will contribute 24 hours of volunteering time to help with the fit out a currently dilapidated building. 

Scott Cooper, Managing Director for JPS, said: “It’s impossible to describe just how important facilities like The Connect Hub are today. Women need and deserve places to feel safe, be heard, and share their experiences with those who are best placed to support them. 

“As soon as we were introduced to Simon Community, we felt compelled to support them on this vital project – in more ways than simply providing funding. It’s part of JPS’ DNA to offer our time and expertise to projects that will serve the community, and we hope the combination of cash, supplier products and our volunteers will help bring the centre truly to life.”

Hannah Boyle, Service Lead for The Connect Hub, said: "We are absolutely delighted to be benefiting from the support and experience of JPS. It has been a pleasure to meet with the team and show them the blank canvas we have to play with. It can be difficult to turn dreams into reality, but with the support of JPS we are going to do just that. 

“In addition to JPS's generous donation, they have brought in a number of suppliers, which will significantly speed up our progress towards opening and reduce costs. Very soon, we'll be able to open the doors to our Connect Hub and help to change lives through emotional and practical support."