A product finder tool will also help merchants and distributors give their customers sound advice on insulation and noise reduction

Knauf Insulation has launched new guidance and a product finder tool to help merchants and distributors give their customers sound advice on insulation and noise reduction.

The Noise Reduction Insulation Product Finder uses details of a project’s location and build-up to advise whether the building regulations stipulate a noise reduction level, and the most appropriate product to use in that application.

Merchants and distributors can use it to help them make the correct product recommendation or can refer installers and contractors to it directly.

“Customers are increasingly being asked to consider noise in their projects, especially as more people work from home,” said Graham Wroe, Building and Distribution Sales Director at Knauf Insulation. “That creates opportunities for merchants and distributors to sell higher-value acoustic insulation solutions, and cross-sell related products like plasterboard.”

The tool covers roof, wall and floor applications for both new build and refurbishment projects.

In addition to the launch of the tool, Knauf Insulation has produced a leaflet: Noise Reducing Insulation – What you need to know, which gives an overview of the key facts about using insulation to reduce noise.

“There’s still a lot of confusion about insulation and noise reduction, which we want to address,” added Wroe. “For example, most installers and contractors know that Mineral Wool insulation absorbs sound, whereas other common insulants transmit it. It’s less well-known that Glass Mineral Wool is a superior solution to Rock Mineral Wool in certain applications.

"As the UK’s only manufacturer of both types, we’re uniquely placed to support merchants and distributors so they can give expert advice on choosing the right insulation for any application.”

The leaflet and Noise Reduction Insulation Product Finder can be accessed on the Knauf Insulation website at www.knaufinsulation.co.uk/acoustics