The advice comes after research by Neighbourhood Watch found that burglary is one of the most feared crimes across the country.

ERA, the UK’s leading home security and fenestration component provider, is encouraging merchants and retailers to share home security advice with customers, after research by Neighbourhood Watch found that burglary is one of the most feared crimes across the country. 

The Crime and Community study, commissioned by Neighbourhood Watch found that after antisocial behaviour, burglary is one of the most feared crimes, with 52% of Brits noting it as a top concern. 

ERA, which has over 185 years of experience in the development and distribution of home security products, is working with Neighbourhood Watch, as part of their long-standing eight-year partnership, to highlight the study.

Both organisations are committed to raising awareness among homeowners of the steps they can take to secure their homes using both traditional and innovative new smart security solutions. 

Sumier Foster-Shah, Product and Customer Support Manager at ERA, said: “With over half of the Crime and Community survey’s 28,000+ respondents voicing concerns about burglary, merchants and retailers are well placed to share home security advice and guidance with their valued customers.

“Offering the latest certified solutions can go a long way to providing not only maximum protection for homes and families, but that all-important peace of mind too.

“Our smart home security devices, alongside our traditional mechanical hardware are all tried and tested security solutions that merchants and retailers can offer to homeowners that will help protect their property.”

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch, added: "The results from our latest survey found that burglary remains a significant concern for people across the UK. 

“This comes as no surprise, as it is thought that a burglary takes place every 106 seconds which is why prevention remains a primary focus for Neighbourhood Watch.”

In light of the survey, ERA and Neighbourhood Watch are reminding homeowners of its WIDE(N) burglary prevention initiative. The campaign, made up of five simple steps, provides key information for keeping homes protected:

W: WINDOWS: Keep your windows locked

I: INTERIOR: Put inside lights on a timer/smart bulb

D: DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors

E: EXTERIOR: Put outside lights on a sensor

(N): NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for your neighbours

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