NMBS will no longer be accepting paper documents as of 1st September. This decision has been made as part of the buying society’s review of its processes and procedures following the COVID-19 outbreak, as it takes further steps to safeguard and protect its employees.

The vast majority of suppliers already send their invoices/credits and other documents to NMBS electronically via EDI, or as an emailed PDF. These documents then get processed automatically, or printed by NMBS for processing only if necessary.

From 1st September, no paper documents will be accepted by NMBS, either by post or by fax. Instead, NMBS suppliers are being asked to email their documents. Supplier statements should continue to be sent to their usual accounts contact, preferably in Excel format.

Julie Langford, Finance & Operations Director for NMBS, explained: “The whole NMBS team has continued to work hard for our Members and Suppliers throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, as the lockdown restrictions ease, it is important for us to make sure that we remove any possible health risk associated with handling paper documents, both for the safety of our own employees, and to protect our Members and Suppliers.

“Going paperless also helps to make NMBS a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly business, which is equally important in the fight against climate change. The decision to no longer accept paper documents wasn’t made lightly, but we hope that our Suppliers and Members can understand the reasons why we have decided to take this step, and will support us in making this change.”

As the lockdown eases, NMBS is also beginning to re-commence its Marketing Support activities, sending out regular communications to members, including hard copies of the NMBS Buyers’ Guide and Special Offer Pack.

These printed communications are sent out from a third-party mailing house that is strictly following all Government guidelines on remaining COVID-19 secure.