The European Association for Passive Fire Protection has launched a new strategy and appointed a new board of principal officers.

At a general meeting in Antwerp, Miroslav Smolka, of the Slovak Association for Passive Fire Protection, was appointed as president for the next two years, taking over from Joric Witlox of the Association of Fireproof Building Netherlands, who held the position from 2016-18.

Niall Rowan of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection in the UK takes on the role of vice-president, and two new technical officers, Andrew Taylor and Kees Both, were also appointed to assist the Board.

The EAPFP said its new strategy highlights two key areas of operation for the Association: to help implement, influence and promote the use of European legislation and standards; and to inform, educate and promote the use of good and properly installed products.

Key to this strategy will be a campaign to highlight the importance of ensuring the competence of installers.

Smolka said: “It is clear that the quality of installation is now a key concern if we are to ensure that products can achieve the levels of performance for which they are designed.

“As a result, a major focus for the Association will be to campaign to improve installer training and qualification across Europe to ensure that installers are able to demonstrate their competency.

Pictured: (L-R) Vice-President Niall Rowan, President Miroslav Smolka, Immediate Past President Joric Witlox and Technical Officer Kees Both.