The home improvement market is set to grow during 2016, reflecting the current nationwide trend of ‘Don’t move, improve’, as a result of rising house prices.

Homeowners are now looking for quick and affordable ways to improve their homes and gardens, providing a key opportunity for merchants looking to increase sales.

The decking boom of the early 2000s means that homeowners are now looking for ways to improve their existing decks, by retrofitting outdoor decking balustrading to provide an instant lift to their garden. This provides a prime opportunity for installers looking to add value to garden projects by capitalising on this growing trend and offering outdoor balustrade installation to customers.

The addition of outdoor balustrades to a deck or patio area can offer both practical and aesthetic benefits. Acting as an important safety guard and providing additional support. Outdoor balustrade can also add personal style and help to define an outdoor area, making it a more usable space.

Furthermore, the predictions of a warm summer and an increased desire to spend more time outdoors is encouraging homeowners to utilise outdoor areas and see decking as a real extension of living space. These conditions are expected to create opportunities for trade professionals, therefore increasing sales for merchants.

Paul Lerigo is marketing director at Richard Burbidge.